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Artist Spotlight / 24th May 2018

The Well-Bean Company is the brainchild of Charlie Claydon, a guy on a mission to promote the positive relationship between good food and the mind. Based in our RAW Lab, for the past six months, Charlie and Laura make handcrafted vegan chocolate, Read more

Artist Spotlight / 23rd May 2018

OOMK (One of My Kind) is an independent publishing collective that work across the spectrum of print, creating a biannual zine and running multiple far reaching projects: from the co-curation of Read more

Artist Spotlight, Opportunities, Studios, Live Work Availability, News, About / 16th May 2018

One of our first artists to move in spoke to us about his experience there. Read more

Education / 10th May 2018

120 pupils were invited to Spotlight to celebrate the creative achievements of the fourth year of the Poplar Consortium. Read more

Education / 20th April 2018

Walking up to the entrance of Lansbury Lawrence Primary School, you are immediately struck by the double-height glass windows framing a modern open staircase. Read more