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Miraj Ahmed - Resistance is Futile

Submitted by Studios on Fri, 09/09/2016 - 16:40


Bow Arts are proud to announce a solo exhibition by Miraj Ahmed on Saturday the 17th September from 2pm.


Resistance is Futile.

... this is what the bad guys say in the movies. The seemingly unstoppable, oppressive forces that threaten us or prevent our freedom and progress. We already resist the forces of entropy in our everyday lives -- the ravages of time, gravity and decay -- and act to maintain order and encourage preservation. Entropy is everywhere and can even be social and political, but ultimately it always becomes physical. I am interested in the play between the creative impulse of making and physical forces that seem to undermine it. Resistance is not futile it is necessary.


Miraj makes work that includes painting, drawing, photography and installation. His selection of specific media is appropriate to several recurring themes that are rooted in his interest in observation, perception and phenomenological experience. An ongoing interest in the relationship between binaries such as the domestic / cosmic scales, light / darkness, creation / entropy. Through installation and photographic works, Miraj playfully explores subtle subversions of ordinary objects and space.


The Rum Factory, Bow Arts, Unit 4 Pennington Street Warehouse, Pennington Street, London E1W 2BD


This exhibition is coinciding with our Open House event, taking place accross 4 of our studio sites: The Rum Factory, St Katherine's Precinct, Old Manor Park Library & Icehouse Court Barking.