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My Week at Bow Arts (Ayesha's work experience)

Submitted by bowadmin on Fri, 22/01/2016 - 15:28

Day 1

On my first day of work experience with Bow Arts, I was assigned with some clerical work in the office in the morning. I had to make a School Contact List on Excel. This was something new for me as I do not regularly use Excel at school or at home; however it was a good experience for me, as it would help me prepare for the real world of work. Later after lunch I visited the Rum Factory with Michael. His job is to make sure that the studios are in good condition and everything there is running smoothly. The studio got its name ‘The Rum Factory’ because before it was an arts studio it was a newspaper company for ‘THE TIMES’, and before that it was a Rum Factory.

One of the artists that I met and talked to was Sarah Lang. I liked her current paintings of flowers as they were made from different materials and were not just a normal painting.

Day 2

On my second day I visited Star Primary with Rob. I also had a great opportunity to meet an old friend of mine and possibly the best artist I know, Emma Buggy. For the first session, we were teaching Year 3 and they were learning about the Tudor times and looking at Shakespearean housing.  They were focused on the designs of houses and used them to make a background. They used many different materials such as graphite pencils, inky pens and graphite powder. Seeing Emma teach kids the many aspect of art reminded me of when I was doing my Arts Award and how Bow Arts Education helps many kids see the usefulness of modern day art and inspiring them. For the second session, we got a new class. They also made a background on A3 paper, however there topic was different - they were focusing on plants and roses.

Day 3

Today in the morning I attended a staff meeting, which included Mel talking about the results of the Artist survey.

I left the meeting early in order to go to a viewing at a new studio site on Aberberfeldy Street with Rebecca and Nicola. The shops here are going to be used for art projects for the local community. After lunch I visited Stebon Primary with Aidan. I was with a Year 1 class and I met an artist called Emily. It was her first day and she was helping the school make an art installation in the sports hall with the school’s Ethos written in big letters and including all the children’s work from Years 1-6. The Year 1 children were doing simple artwork, making backgrounds for the letters.

Day 4

I visited the Nunnery Gallery to see an Exhibition by Mariele Neudecker called ‘Plastics Vanitas’. I wrote a review about my experience at the exhibition.

After my Lunch I had gained the wonderful opportunity to meet up with an architect named Finbarr O'Dempsey from Delvendahl Martin architects, who rent a studio from Bow Arts and redesigned their office. He explained to me what it is like to be an Architect and the process he went through and is currently going through. He also showed me some of the projects that he is currently working on and gave me some websites to look at.

When I came back to the studio, I started on Rob’s challenge to make a stop motion animation using photographs from a school installation. I used software called Monkey Jam for the first time.

Finbarr O'Dempsey

Day 5

Today in the morning, I carried on with the Animations on Monkey Jam.  After Lunch I started by making a Title page and a Credits page on publisher which will later be saved as a JPEG and used for the animation.

My time at Bow Arts has unfortunately ended, however I will never forget the lovely team I worked with and all the opportunities I had to try out new things. A key moment for me was meeting Finn the Architect, as I would like to follow in his footsteps one day. A special thanks to Lydia for helping me out to arrange this placement and her wonderful team including Rob H, Rob S, Melody, Aidan and Kirsty. I would like to take the skills I have gained at Bow Arts and use them elsewhere.

Thanks Bow Arts