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My week of work experience at Bow Arts

Submitted by Media on Tue, 30/06/2015 - 15:15

Day 1
My first day at Bow Arts was really nerve racking at first. However, after meeting all the staff I felt really comfortable, as I got used to the pleasant atmosphere. Moreover, to start the day and throughout the whole day I mostly did work on the computer which was not so fascinating. The most nervous I felt was calling up schools, which I had no experience of before but after calling a few schools, I got used to it and got rid of the shyness, which helped me build my confidence levels. Lastly I gained knowledge of the different things that go on and that are available to me at Bow Arts. Overall, it was a very relaxed day.

Day 2
To start the day I went to a primary school, which I was really excited about. It was really fun meeting children and experiencing how they portray art and their veiws. As well as that, I also gained some knowledge along with the children, which helped me with my studies. In connection, what was really interesting was the art work - the children were producing the Gherkin with ink, most of the buildings they drew did not exactly look like the Gerkin on the other hand although they didn't look identical. Their art work was shown through their perspective which really inspired me. As the day went on I called up more schools, which I was very relaxed about. Lastly, I did some work with Melody, the Press and Communications Assistant, which was very enjoyable as I got to learn about social media and how Bow Arts promotes their company. The fun part was that I had a chance to tweet messages and got to learn about the different ways of attracting people to exhibitions.


Day 3

At the start of the day I went to a school, which I travelled by myself to. When i was working in the school with the children it was very fascinating as they were working on collages, taking different pictures and making it look like actual settings. The theme they were working on was sports, therefore their work was based on the different types of sports. I found that it was very unique as I have never experienced this type of art project. Along with that, the children were very friendly and polite and had a very creative mind. Overall, I really enjoyed working in the school.

Furthermore, towards the evening I had a look at the Nunnery Gallery, the artwork was amazing, the fact that the studio has very unique and unusual art works makes the gallery stand out, the art work that instantly caught my eyes was Nye Thompson's digital fire. It was very unusual and creative and it was quirky. Above all it was unique, it gives you a visual experience of fire. Moreover, why I really liked the art piece was because it was something out of the ordinary referring to the cables hanging out, which was really appealing. Another art piece that caught my eye was the leaf which was produced by Lizzie Cannon, it looks really delicate and if you were to observe it closely it has stitchings covering the holes of the dried leaf. In connection the fact that some of the holes are not stitched illustrates the natural beauty of the leaf. I really enjoyed looking at the gallery, it was very nice to look at the different art pieces.

Day 4

Today, at the beginning of the day I went to a careers event in a school, this event was initially for the Year 5s and giving them information about what they could aspire to be when they grow older and what career they are looking towards along with that, I also found it very useful as Kathryn was giving information about her job role and Bow Arts which actually helped because I learnt a whole lot more about Bow Arts, and the fact that she had to keep repeating the process for every group of children actually helped me keep all the information in my head, therefore it was not only helpful to them but also to me. Further on during the day I had a look at the studios. It was really amazing to look at them, as i got to see all the diiferent art pieces. It was very nice to see all the different studios as I have never seen one before.

Day 5

My meeting with Delvendahl Martin Architects:

This morning I went to meet Delvendahl Martin Architects, who redesigned the Bow Arts offices. It was great. I met Viktor who gave me so much information and advice about his job role, he also displayed some of his work and 3D building models which gave me a glimpse of what I would be doing if I do become an architect in the future. Additionally he taught me that architecture is not only about the form of the buildings but also, before making a building you need to think about the enviromental and climate issues so your building material is correct for the place its going to be built in as well as meeting the customer's needs, it needs to be within their preference. The highlight of the conversation is that he gave me ideas of what summer schools I can attend if I wanted to become an architect, which was incredibly useful to me, towards lunch time I went to hand out leaflets with Nanda which was great.

Overall my favourite moment during my work experience was meeting Viktor the architect. He gave me a lot of information that I honestly did not know about architecture which was very useful to me. Throughout, my time working in Bow Arts taught me the big responsibilities I'll have to take when i do get a job in the future. I learnt that working is a major difference from school. Moreover I learnt a lot of qualities during my time in Bow Arts such as the admin work involved in the job, and being confident in order to communicate with people. Bow Arts was a great place to do work experience.

By Nazifa, Year 10, Langdon Park School