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PACE Consortium Celebration Day 2019

Submitted by Education on Tue, 16/04/2019 - 11:12

On Wednesday 5 March 2019, pupils from eight schools in Barking and Dagenham joined our Education team at Eastbury Manor House, a local National Trust property, for a celebration and exhibition of the children’s work. The day marked the first year of the Bow Arts PACE consortium in which each school has taken part in bespoke artist-led projects, training sessions for teachers and extra-curricular art clubs for children who have a particular love of art.

This first year of the consortium saw many of the schools’ projects focus on pupil ownership of the school environment, and teaching of new creative skills.

Children at Becontree Primary School looked at pictograms, symbols and logos as examples of illustrative methods of communicating without speaking. They then created artworks for a series of banners for the school playground taking inspiration from the whole school value of ‘Respect’. 

At Five Elms Primary School twelve Cultural Ambassadors from KS2 learnt about spatial design and worked together to create drawings, prototypes and design a new art gallery for their school.

Before the space was boring - Haidée helped us to make this space, now I feel amazed!

- Pupil feedback

At William Bellamy School, 900 children took part in sculpture workshops focused on the technique of casting. They created moulds, mixed colour pigment and cast with plaster and jesmonite to create a small sculptural piece each.

Over the summer holidays, 40 children from the eight PACE schools took part in a holiday arts programme, gaining an Arts Award Explore level. Activities included screen printing, mono printing using a print press and creating casts with plaster. Children had the opportunity to meet like-minded children from the borough and work collaboratively.

Across the year, teachers from the PACE Consortium took part in five professional development sessions aimed at enhancing practical skills in art and design. Workshops have focused on drawing skills, 3D modelling, digital apps, photography and textiles.

It was lovely to be able to actually put the learning into practice - I felt I got more confident as the session progressed.

- Teacher feedback

On the day, children took part in an artist-led workshop, using the amazing building as a stimulus and incorporating some of the skills used in their schools’ projects.

At the end of the day, children from each school were presented with certificates and then joined by their parents and siblings to explore the exhibition and take part in an art trail. This allowed friends and families to see some of the outcomes of this new partnership and find out more about the creative learning opportunities their children have had over the past year.

The Bow Arts PACE Consortium schools are: Becontree Primary School, Five Elms Primary School, Gascoigne Primary School, Grafton Primary School, Henry Green Primary School, Southwood Primary School, Valence Primary School and William Bellamy Primary School.

If you are interested in finding out more about our consortium model or working with us to develop a bespoke project for your school, please contact or 020 8980 7774.