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Park Primary students unearth incredible finds!

Submitted by Education on Fri, 10/06/2016 - 17:02

Year 2 students from Park Primary School in Newham made a very important discovery while working with artist educator Helen Watson - that they all had fantastic skills in working with clay!


Rather than digging for relics from the past, the talented children created new sculptures from clay based on fossils of prehistoric creatures, linking to their Dinosaurs science topic. They learnt how to model from observation by making individual clay bones from looking at pictures of dinosaur skeletons. They then worked in groups and to join and construct the full skeletons, arranging their bones into groups and using the "score and slip" technique to join one piece of clay to another  The results, which are worthy of the Natural History Museum's collection, are now proudly displayed in the school.


The project was part of our Creative PPA Cover programme, which provides regular artist-led sessions to release teaching staff for PPA time or planned absence. At Park Primary, Helen worked with Years 1 to 6 throughout the entire school year, leading art lessons for three days each week which reinforced children's topic-based learning while creating high-quality artworks for display.

“I wanted to say well done for the amazing displays! I keep hearing everyone say how great they are. Good job.”

Art-Coordinator, Park Primary

Working in this way can raise children's attainment in art and design, and across the whole curriculum, while also developing their skills in a range of artforms.TAs also develop their skills by working alongside artists. If you're interested in working with us then take a look at our Creative PPA Cover package or email us at

Almost anything you create can be art, and that’s exciting! 

Student, Park Primary