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Place2Be Fundraiser

Submitted by Media on Tue, 15/12/2015 - 14:56

This November, Bow Arts arranged for two Bow artists to join Bank of America to help raise money for their charity of the year Place2Be, an organisation that provides emotional and therapeutic support to children whilst in school. Each artist made a portrait of one of the Bank’s executives in a live ‘paint-off’, drawing high-flyers under the watchful eyes of their colleagues. The efforts of Ben Summers, a figurative painter, and Clare Davidson, a multi-media artist, raised an amazing £3,800; both Bank of America and Place2Be were incredibly grateful for their support.

About the Artists

Clare Davidson holds a studio at the Bow Arts Bow Road studios and, as well as her practice, works in arts education and used to run an after-school drawing club in Hackney with the support of the Prince’s Drawing School. Currently working on a series of large dry point prints, Clare has just been shortlisted for the Rene Carcan Award in Belgium for a selection of prints based on Japanese wood-cuts.

Ben Summers was a music promoter and commercial illustrator before becoming a full-time painter in 2010. Used to drawing live, Ben recently produced a series of work drawn in a week of rehearsals of the play The Forgotten of the Forgotten at Stratford Theatre Royal. Though Ben no longer holds a studio with Bow Arts, he very much considers himself part of the Bow Arts alumni stating that, through events such as this, “Of course I consider myself a Bow Artist!”