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Poplar Consortium Celebration Day

Submitted by Education on Thu, 10/05/2018 - 15:54

120 pupils were invited to Spotlight to celebrate the creative achievements of the fourth year of the Poplar Consortium. Bow Arts have continued to work with eight schools in Poplar over the year to deliver a series of artist-led projects. The bespoke projects in the fourth year of the partnership are distinctive for their ambition, with child-led learning and pupil voice being promoted across the consortia.


Enterprise and co-production were key to Lansbury Lawrence Primary School and Mayflower Primary School, where pupils made saleable products, led on the creative development of projects and shared skills across their school communities.


Commission-based projects have seen pupils from Manorfield Primary taking on consultation roles to enhance their school environment. Bygrove Primary pupils have used their creativity and love of books to create a permanent artwork for their library. Woolmore Primary have explored creative play with early years children and staff to commission a new outdoor artwork.


Pupil Voice was developed at Stebon Primary, supporting the initiation of a Cultural Ambassadors Programme - to represent their classes and make choices on their project learning.


New creative skills were developed at Wellington Primary, where pupils became confident using apps to create digital artworks. Pupils from St Saviour’s Primary School have creatively responded to the work of Ernst Haeckel’s Art Forms in Nature through drawing, collage, painting and print-making.


On the celebration day, pupils from across the eight schools took part in creative workshops with artists. Schools were paired up, providing opportunities for students to interact with other children within their communities. Pupils also played leadership roles, working with their lead artist to share skills they had learnt in-school workshops. For example, pupils from Wellington Primary shared their skills of using film and sound apps on iPads to create animations; Lansbury Lawrence pupils demonstrated their cut-paper and illustration skills and Woolmore pupils shared den-building techniques.


After a short certificate ceremony, parents, friends and family were welcomed and had the opportunity to view the exhibition with their children, taking part in an art trail. This provided parents’ the opportunity to appreciate and gain an insight into the high quality cultural and creative learning opportunities being provided for children and young people in Poplar.

If you are interested in finding out more about our consortium model or working with us to develop a bespoke project for your school, please contact

Photography by Rob Harris