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Project of the month - Provocations at Sarah Bonnell School

Submitted by Education on Wed, 11/11/2015 - 12:20

Year 9 students at Sara Bonnell School in Stratford worked with artist Ania Bas on a photography project designed to support their documenting skills, while linking in to their Urban Landscapes Topic.

The aim of the project was to create a series of "provocations" to help students to collect and develop their ideas in unusual ways - the provocations put the girls outside their comfort zone and stretched them to use their sketchbooks in different ways.

The provocations took the form of a number of questions or tasks written on cards which the students generated with Ania. They included tasks such as "Take three steps and then take a photograph", "Ask a passer by to take a picture of you", and "Take a picture of how you feel". The girls went on a series of walks in their local area, initially working in pairs with a number of provocations, before narrowing it down to just one, which they worked with to improve their observing and recording skills.

I learnt how to use a camera and explored different ways of building up an image, and interesting ways to change your photography

Year 9 student

Ania introduced the students to photographic compositional techniques, including the rule of thirds, and the project finished with a session where the students collated their documentation in their sketchbooks.

Students have improved each time they have taken photographs, clearly gaining confidence and skills which will help them achieve

Year 9 Teacher

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