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Project of the month - The Victorians at Wellington Primary

Submitted by Education on Tue, 10/11/2015 - 16:53

As part of a wider PPA cover project, artist Deb Hoy worked with 40 students from Year 6 at Wellington Primary in Poplar to create fantastic artwork based on the Victorians.

The children began by creating expressive charcoal drawings of street scenes and factories, covering the paper with charcoal and then using an eraser to carve out chinks of light and create figures and stories.

They then looked at the Great Exhibition of 1851 and created pen and ink drawings of the Crystal Palace, using corss hatching and shading to create light and dark areas, and also mimic Victorian engraving techniques. The children added water to the ink to discover the process of chromatography.

I enjoyed drawing the great exhibition because it's so beautiful and it was fun to draw. It was really hard and difficult but I still enjoyed it! Woohoo! Thank you!

Year 6 student

The children also took part in an activity where they drew mystery objects which they could only feel inside a bag. Finally, the children created their own exhibition stands. Acting as Victorian explorers, they went into the garden to discover "exotic" plants, making sketches of their discoveries and choosing which ones they wanted to exhibit on their stands. 

Both Y6 classes were animated and enthusiastic at ‘draw what you feel’. They enjoyed the mystery of the objects hidden inside bags and also welcomed the freedom to move around the classroom and work in pairs and table groups. They positively squealed with delight when I announced it was time to reveal what the objects inside the bags actually were!

Deb, Lead Artist

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