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Project of the month - Willow Birds at Sandringham Primary

Submitted by Education on Thu, 03/03/2016 - 17:49

We recently worked with children from Sandringham Primary in Newham to create some impressive large-scale bird sculptures from willow for the playground, linking to the children's Evolution topic.

Artist Julia Clarke began by running half-day design workshops with Year 6 groups where they made observational drawings of barn owls, robins, sparrows and crows, and then created small models from wire. Following this, she used the children’s work to make designs and build basic wire armatures for each of the final sculptures.

The children then took part in making workshops in small groups over four days where they learnt how to weave willow, and worked towards finishing the final sculptures. Finally, Julia installed the birds around the school playground, where they look fantastic!


The whole project has developed my confidence in using new and different materials I would otherwise have been disinclined to use. The fact that so many children have been included in a project that will be displayed for years to come, in a garden environment in East London, gives me great pleasure especially when I see the enthusiasm of the children and their respect towards the sculptures every day during break time at school. 

Michael, Art Co-ordinator

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