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Sustainability / 5th December 2012

So – we had our carbon emission figures for 2010/11 and 2011/12 (see post below as to how).  Now we needed to decide on our policy targets for carbon reduction.  Just what kind of carbon reductions should we, and indeed could we, commit to? Read more

Sustainability / 27th November 2012
Sustainability / 14th November 2012

The Bow Arts Energy Awareness Campaign continues and at our staff meeting this morning, we had an inspirational visit from Terry O’ Dwyer from Circus Space telling us all about the work t Read more

Sustainability / 13th November 2012

After a good year of talking about getting a second bike with more than one gear, I finally bit the bullet in August and invested in my Ridgeback Voyage 2012 tourer, cour Read more

Sustainability / 9th November 2012

Yesterday we staged our very first woolly jumper competition at Bow Arts where we challenged ourselves to keep the heating turned down for the day, and stayed cosy by donning our finest woolly creations instead. Read more