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Raw Materials: Plastics Resident Artists at Bow School

Submitted by Media on Wed, 13/02/2019 - 10:04

Bow Arts’ Education team has been working alongside Raw Materials resident artists Peter Marigold and Frances Scott to deliver artist-led masterclasses for two Year 10 classes from Bow School. 

Peter worked with Year 10 students to experiment with his product formcard – a pocket-sized strong bio-plastic that melts in hot water.


Students were tasked to produce natural colour palettes and sculpt with the form card to replicate natural objects. They were using formcard in a similar way to early uses of plastics, which were used to replicate natural materials like tortoiseshell and ivory. 

Frances worked with students to produce a film using a bolex camera to produce a super 8mm film. Frances referenced how originally film was made of plastic as a starting point for the project, which then saw her introduce students to two key sources of inspiration: 17th century still life painting traditions from the Netherlands and Derek Jarman’s films.

Students were tasked to produce a still-life, made up from plastics they own and use. These became lit ‘film-sets’, with students becoming directors, cinematographers, and producers, filming scenes using a bolex camera. The film will be edited and all outcomes from the two projects will be shown in the Raw Materials Plastics exhibition at the Nunnery Gallery in May.

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