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Rob H's Postcard of the Month

Submitted by Education on Thu, 23/10/2014 - 16:36

For every Education project we run in schools, we get children and students to fill out a postcard telling us what they've learnt. In the first of a new series, Education Assistant Rob H analyses his Postcard of the Month. This month's postcard is from a project with St Saviour's Primary in Poplar, where children across the school used foam printing to create flag designs to celebrate the school's 150th Anniversary.

This postcard is unusual in that two children have written on the same one - straight off the bat that tells me that the project has developed the children's collaborative working skills and sense of sharing. The first comment echoes one of Bow Arts' key Health & Safety tenets, which is not to put paint on your face (unless, it's a face-painting project, obviously). The second child writes that they have learnt to always have fun with painting. That's a great message - our projects are often about raising attainment and linking to curricular topics, but we always try and maintain a sense of fun and excitement in the classroom. Finally the second child tells us they've learnt to use ellipsis, but then tantalisingly leaves us hanging... What a postcard!