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Rob H's Postcard of the Month - November

Submitted by Education on Fri, 28/11/2014 - 10:53

Here at Bow Arts, we like nothing more than hearing what children and young people have to say about our projects and what they've learnt from them. This month, Education Assistant Rob H struck gold when evaluating postcards from a willow sculpture project led by artist Mia Harris at Wellington Primary in Poplar.

Firstly, can I congratulate the author on their impeccable handwriting? My graphologist friends tell me that the forward slant indicates strength of character, while the decorative flourishes denote a creative spirit, so we're already on to a winner. Now let's break it down - this month, our postcard writer has learnt one of this earth's most important guiding principles - that with great power comes great responsibility. They've also learnt how to make sculptures with  willow branches, so that's a lesson in life and a lesson in art. Perfect. See you next month for the Christmas special!