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Sarah Bonnell visit Tate Modern

Submitted by Education on Mon, 21/11/2016 - 11:18

As part of their Arts Award Silver project, a group of 15 Year 9 and 10 students from Sarah Bonnell School recently visited Tate Modern with lead artist Liane Harris. The trip formed part of their Arts Challenge to review an arts event.

The enrichment project is designed to give the students an insight into a range of photographic techniques and practices, and support them to understand educational and professional pathways in the arts. It is part of the Arts Award accredited strand of work within a year-long programme of arts education that Bow Arts are delivering with the Sarah Bonnell Consortium, a group of six schools in Stratford, Forest Gate and Plaistow.

Before going into the galleries, Liane introduced the group to the nature and purpose of art reviews. To tie in with the photography focus of the project, the students looked at three photographic works by artist Lorna Simpson whose practice addresses themes of race, gender, feminism and sexuality.


The group noted down words which sprung to mind when viewing the artworks before focussing on one piece and considering its display.

The girls spent over an hour with the three artworks which allowed for close analysis and some really interesting observations.

Earlier this term, the group visited Bow Arts studio holder Monica Alcazar Duarte in our Stratford site to learn about the Mexican photographer’s career, and later in the project they will be organising and hosting an event to promote art to their peers at Sarah Bonnell.

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