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Shop Units in Aberfeldy, call for proposals for use and occupation!

Submitted by Studios on Mon, 11/01/2016 - 16:41

Bow Arts is opening two new self contained studio sites on Aberfeldy Street, Poplar, E14.

We are keen to see arts and artists at the centre of our communities and are very open to hearing from a range of people with innovative approaches to these spaces. 

Converted out of two street front shops on the small Aberfeldy St, the studios are designed to provide affordable working space for artists, designer makers or a public facing arts group. We are now seeking expressions of interest and proposals from people who are interested in applying for these spaces.

Each shop has 450 sqft good working space with additional space for storage and amenities. The licence fee will be £550 per month, inclusive of all costs except for utilities (electrics, water, internet)

Expressions of interest are now being sought:

Successful applications are likely to be from artists or artists groups who are:

- in need of a self contained space of approximately 450 square feet (40 square metres)

- enjoy some form of public and community interaction

- have innovative ideas about presenting work and ideas 

Bow Arts has a long history of arts involvement in this area, since 2008 we have provided affordable LIve Work accomodation for artists in Balfron Tower, and have been engaged in public art programmes and work with local estates and residents and schools (through our education programmes).

These two new studio sites are adding another element to this, and we are specifically looking for artists, makers, designers, and organisations who are open and inviting of public interaction, happy to be outward facing with their work, will actively use the studio space and make their work visible in the window spaces. 

Please make initial enquiries to


Aberfeldy Street, London E14 ONU


Available Studios

How to Apply: 
Please send a PDF proposal to and make sure you are registered here.