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Six months later...

Submitted by Media on Thu, 07/09/2017 - 12:07

This is my last day.

My internship at Bow Arts has come to an end, and it’s time to take stock, to weigh in the good and the bad of the experiment. Problem is I’m having a hard time finding the bad, and my report is shaping up to be filled with rainbows and lollipops.

Bow Arts is an ideal place of work for so many reasons. The first one is obviously the people you get to work with. From the volunteers to the CEO, everyone is genuinely nice, and really do their best to help with whatever you’re doing, always with a smile, curiosity and sincere kindness.

The location might be partly involved in everybody’s solicitude, as the office itself really helps reaching serenity. The place is filled with light, and the courtyard is beautiful. So much so that great parties were held there, and couples chose to have their wedding at Bow Arts, bringing even more good vibes and happy memories.

Plus, you get to be in constant contact with inspired and talented artists, to attend the many events held by the gallery. Every talk, every film screening, every performance evening was a new opportunity to get a glimpse of the thriving artistic scene of East London.

Finally, what I’ve understood during these six months, is that intent changes everything. The fact that Bow Arts is a charity is key to understand why people feel so good and act so nicely. The goal here isn’t always to make more money, to reach the richest collectors and snobbiest art critics, but to have a good impact on the community, to help talented artists in their career, to offer quality exhibitions with renowned artists and curators, and to make the art world more accessible to everyone.

Working at Bow Arts made me realise that for some people, building a better world through art isn’t just an utopian dream. (I told you this would get cheesy…)

I’m seizing this opportunity to say one last huge thank you to the entire team of Bow Arts for welcoming me with open arms, and another special thank you to the gallery co-director Sophie Hill, whose kindness and dedication is inspiring.