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Stay on topic with Bow Arts

Submitted by Education on Wed, 12/11/2014 - 14:22

By working with us on a topic-based project, you can use art as a tool for engagement, reinforcing children's learning across the curriculum in a creative and exciting way.

Last term at Stebon Primary in Tower Hamlets, artists Mark Long and Mark Oliver worked with two groups of Year 4 students who had been studying the Iron Man by Ted Hughes to design a series of robots for the Year 4 corridor. The robots were based on collage work and linked in to the Year 4 topic of electricity.

The children worked with Mark and Mark for 10 workshop sessions, learning skills in illustration and collage to create designs for the robots, and looking at the work of artists including Eduardo Paolozzi and Peter Blake. The artists then amalgamated the children’s designs into designs for large robot reliefs, which they then produced and installed in the Year 4 corridor in vinyl. 

And this term and next, we're working with children in Early Years and Years 2 to 6 at St Matthias Primary in Bethnal Green on a series of projects linking to their termly topics. In the first half of the term, artist Emma Corinne worked with children from Year 2 to explore Friendship and Portraits. Focusing on drawing and painting, children made portraits of each other, experimenting with colour, paint media, drawing techniques and collage. Year 4 worked with Emma to link in with their Viking's topic. Children worked in 3D to make a Viking longboat sculpture with Viking shields which is now displayed in the school reception area. She also worked with Year 6 on their topic Holes. Children made a series of wire sculptures inspired by Louis Sachar's book "Holes" which they hung from the classroom ceiling.

Next term, Emma will be working with children from Early Years on their Fairytales topic and Year 5 on the Titanic - we're really excited to see what they come up with!

If you'd like to find out more, then take a look at our Topic-based Projects package or contact us