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Sustainable Gardening

Submitted by Media on Tue, 31/07/2018 - 10:50

Since our sustainability week earlier this year in March, as part of our commitment to the environment the Bow Arts team have been finding new ways to implement our learnings and green pledges into our daily work lifestyle and activity, and after intense research and discussion we decided to start a vegetable garden in our Victorian courtyard space.

With organic food becoming an increasingly popular option for our team, the garden plans were greeted warmly. Our team was also pleased that we’d be able to know exactly where our food is coming from, and also to use less plastic by picking food straight from the ground instead of buying it pre-packaged; the plants have become a great addition at lunchtime for our staff (and caterpillars too!).

We had plenty of choice in which vegetables and herbs we wanted to plant in our new garden, and eventually decided on over 10 including silver beet, rainbow chard, beetroot, kale, radish, wild rocket and cucamelons. Tending to them and watching them grow over the past few months has been a rewarding activity, however as the weather has been reaching record-breaking temperatures across the UK, it has become even more important for all staff to understand how to keep the garden extra hydrated, and at appropriate times. The best time is to water in the mornings, as there is lower humidity and heat, and less sunlight directly on the plants, which can reduce the risk of disease and burning of the leaves, and means that the water doesn’t evaporate quite so easily. Tending to the plants early in the morning gives our team members an additional benefit of being a productive and relaxing way to start their days!

As an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation who are committed to sustainability, we’re enjoying this journey of ‘greening’ our offices and studios, and are very keen to try new things and find the best way to make sure we remain as environmentally-sustainable for all our artists, staff and stakeholders as possible.

We’re excited for the upcoming activity and look forward to sharing more with you. We’re also very keen to learn about sustainability so if you have any tips and tricks for being ‘green’ during the summer make sure you let us know on our social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Happy gardening!