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Taking the lead

Submitted by Education on Tue, 07/02/2017 - 16:58

Students from Sarah Bonnell School demonstrated their wide range of talents when they delivered an ambitious and fun-filled day at their school. As part of their Arts Award Silver, the students organised and delivered an event to develop their leadership, research and team-working skills. The event aimed to promote art across the school.


A core group of three oversaw the whole process, from the initial planning to taking charge on the day and curating the exhibition. The remaining students led three workshops with SEN students, teachers and year 7 students. The young people were also responsible for setting up for the event, organising refreshments and welcoming parents and teachers before giving them a tour of the exhibition.

The girls recognized the importance of creativity and how their creative skills are transferrable to a variety of possible educational and career opportunities.

Liane Harris, Lead Artist


As part of the project, the group went on a Studio visit to our Essex House studios to learn about the work of artist Monica Alcazar Duarte and also visited Tate Modern to review an exhibition.

The project forms part of the Bow Arts Sarah Bonnell Consortium, where six schools in Newham work together on a joint programme of arts education. The schools recently showcased their achievements through a Celebration event hosted by Sarah Bonnell in November.

I have developed many new skills during this project from photography skills such as being aware of my composition to leadership skills such as being assertive and able to plan.

Year 9 student

I think the primary change had to do with recognizing how immensely rewarding hard work and commitment is. The Silver Arts Award is a very demanding programme, requiring a lot of writing, reflecting and thinking outside of the box. I am certain all the students felt a real sense of achievement and pride precisely because of the struggles they overcame with this workload and the discoveries about themselves and their creativity that their hard work helped to manifest.

Liane Harris, Lead Artist

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