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Tate in the Frame

Submitted by Education on Mon, 23/10/2017 - 11:27

Photographers Liane Harris and Sam Mellish led an ambitious trip to Tate Modern with a group of 40 students from Sarah Bonnell School. The trip formed part of a Year 9 photography pathway, which they are piloting with the intention to start GCSE photography in 2018. 


The day began at school with Sam and Liane giving short presentations to introduce their practices and sharing an insight into their careers as professional photographers.


On arrival at Tate Modern, the artists handed out resource bags that they had collaboratively designed and filled with props to use as starting points. They included items such as viewfinders, coloured acetate shapes, string, reflective paper and 3D objects. The girls worked in groups of three to take turns using the cameras and props.

By developing their compositional skills and considering what is in the frame and taking the time to focus, the students gained a certain respect for the effort and skill involved in taking a photograph that transcends a snapshot.

Liane Harris, Lead Artist

Sam and Liane then introduced the students to storyboarding and gave each group an emotive word to use as a starting point before creating a short p​hoto story. 

Towards the end of the session some of the pupils were able to understand taking a light reading and incorporating this into their photography.

Sam Mellish, Lead Artist

The trip to Tate Modern and the photography activities inspired me and the students! They have taken some amazing photographs.

Toni Harvey, Art Technician

The aspiring photographers will exhibit their incredible results as part of the Sarah Bonnell Consortium Celebration Event on 15 November 2017.

Photography documenting student activity by Sam Mellish and Liane Harris.