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Temporary Resident at Balfron, artist Lucas Simões exhibition at Space in Between Gallery

Submitted by Studios on Mon, 09/03/2015 - 16:42

Brazilian artist Lucas Simões has been staying in one of Bow Arts spaces in Balfron Tower whilst on a residency here in London with Space In Between Gallery.

An ideal location for the artist who works with constructed object and a background in architecture.

In all Simões’s many constructive experiments and heavily layered, distorted works, his intention is to intervene in the original meaning of an object or image and create a new representation that oscillates between beauty and strangeness, movement and depth. ’There is a kind of perversion in it, to take the meaning out of place,’ he says. ‘Strangeness is something that fascinates me, and to make it beautiful is even better.’
( Tristan Manco, in “Raw + matérial = Art”- Ed. Thames and Hudson, 2012, Inglaterra )



Space In Between (SIB) is delighted to present a solo exhibition of new work by Brazilian artist Lucas Simões. Perpetual Instability will be the artist’s first solo exhibition in London, and will see Simões present an installation of new works in concrete responding to the current situation of Brutalist architecture.
This exhibition is part of a wider artistic exchange between SIB and Emma Thomas gallery Sao Paulo, which represent Simões. The second half of this exchange is a solo show by London-based Simon Linington (SIB) at Emma Thomas.


The exhibition is on until the 11th March this week.

Space In Between
Unit 26 (2nd Floor)
Regent Studios
8 Andrews Road
London, E8 4QN


Rebecca Sainsot-Reynolds, Studios Assistant