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The Bow Arts Environment Campaign is launched!

Submitted by Education on Wed, 15/04/2015 - 15:00

Throughout the next five weeks, members of the cross-organisation Bow Arts Green Team will be staging a series of events to promote environmental awareness and positive action amongst staff and other stakeholders. We’re also thrilled to be using the campaign to launch our status as Arts Council England sector leaders in this greenest of fields. The Campaign was launched today as we invited the organisation to join the Green Team for food - with a delicious vegan extra provided by Peter - with Marcel, CEO, cutting the green ribbon with gusto.

Over lunch, we discussed the some of the reasons why we were running this campaign - we cited the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's position that human influence on the climate is now undisputed as a key driver for urgent change in how we use resources. The response to this challenge by the UK cultural sector is inspiring; the latest mid-term report emerging from Julie's Bicycle and Arts Council England partnership, Sustaining Great Art, tells us that This is a cultural movement that is confronting the existential issues of climate change and the environment and translating these into action.' We are excited and proud to be part of this compelling and urgent movement.

Bow Arts is already an incredibly resourceful organisation with many examples of effective team working to make things happen, so the campaign is about harnessing that energy to inspire and support staff - and our artists where possible - to collectively take actions to address climate change. For example, we'll be asking people to reduce their carbon footprints through travel, swapping (instead of buying) things, and switching off electrical equipment. The team are also a fan of healthy competition so we've launched a series of challenges to look for our first set of Green Champions. Prizes will be awarded.

We'll be recording our progress via this blog and social media - so watch this space for updates and to find out just how green we can go...