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The Fruits of Artist Collaboration Across Studio Sites

Submitted by Studios on Wed, 16/03/2016 - 13:58

Back in spring 2015 Bow Arts studio building SE1 Studios in Bermondsey was closed while the building went on to be further developed. Some artists went on to relocate at new buildings in new communities but creative bonds made at SE1 still stand and a year later a very long standing collaboration process still continues between two of our studio artists accross very differing practices. James Hock is a fashion designer who went on to our Essex House studio site in Stratford, whilst Jarrod Sanderson was one of many artists who waited a few months in 'studio limbo' to then be part of Bow Arts next venture in a new building, the Rum Factory in Wapping.

 An image from the screening event @ PSW, Rum Factory Studios, courtesy the artist


Jarrod recently screened his film, 'Jasmine, George and Gloria', at Bow Arts project space PSW. James Hock designed and created the costumes for this short film piece and we were excited to hear from Jarrod how this relationship began and would continue.

We first struck up a conversation when I saw James wondering round SE1 studios in Bermondsey wearing a pair of bunny ears. Since then we've become good friends. Our working relationship is pretty informal and perhaps runs along the lines of a mutual fascination with each others field of work (fashion and contemporary art). I've made a couple of promotional videos for James, recorded a soundtrack for his recent catwalk show in Malaysian fashion week and most recently photographed his A/W 2016 look book. In return, he has been the wardrobe department and props supplier for a number of my video pieces. Apart from the amazing clothes, his studio in Bermondsey was an Aladdin's cave of bizarre items - where else could you find a genuine South Pacific antique shell necklace, a pair of ferrets and a pimped up Action Man doll with a penis? 

A still from 'Jasmine, George and Gloria', courtesy the artist


You can view the trailer here