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Think big with Bow Arts

Submitted by Education on Wed, 12/11/2014 - 16:15

Creating a permanent piece of artwork with your students is a great way to brighten up the school environment over the dark and gloomy winter months. Whether it's a large-scale sculpture, a mural or photographic prints, our permanent projects can be linked to class topics, school values or any theme you choose.

We recently worked with Key Stage 2 children from Bigland Green Primary in Poplar  to create four original vinyl artworks for the school playground. Artist Carl Stevenson led a series of workshops with each year group to produce design ideas for four vinyl panels. One class discussed themes and images relating to water; they wrote water-themed jokes and riddles and developed the idea of a network of pipes for the panel, which was installed above the water fountains (below). Another class focused on inventions and designed their own devices for their brain-shaped panel, such as a sheep translator and a sofa bicycle. The third class looked at playground games and chose to turn their panel into a game which could be played by children at break time. Carl used the children’s ideas to inform the final panel designs.

Carl then worked with small groups of children to cut vinyl pieces for the panels. He also led a typography workshop for a group of children, in which they learnt about different styles of lettering and chose words and typefaces for a fourth panel depicting the school’s initials. The four panels were installed in the school’s playground.

We also recently worked with artist Marysa Dowling to complete a site-specific commission for a piece of photography-based artwork for Sheringham Nursery School’s water area. Marysa spent time taking photographs of children in the nursery taking part in activities, and then used these as a basis for the final design. Children were photographed engaging, focusing and learning. The artwork includes water-related words to demonstrate the richness of learning with water.

Headteacher Julian Grenier said: “I am really pleased with the installed artwork. I think it looks really good, and I also like the way it looks like it "belongs", like it was always there and part of the plan.” Julian Grenier, Head Teacher

If you'd like to find out more about creating a permanent piece for your school, check out our Permanent Artworks package or contact us.