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Top Tip: Collage in the Classroom

Submitted by Education on Thu, 07/02/2019 - 15:22

Each term we invite one of our Artist Educators to share a top tip or short activity that can be taken into the classroom. This term's one comes from Artist Educator Mark Oliver who has been working at Brookfield Primary School running a series of workshops around Dover Collage. Mark offers two tips for working with collage in the classroom.

  • Bury the brief: Collage is an accessible, but potent visual technique for unlocking our most interesting creative ideas. By working with cut paper shapes, children are able to playfully explore ideas across a range of themes or topics. This is most effective when we are not planning ahead, but following our nose and working with what is right in front of us. What is produced during this open ended, free-form process is a powerful raw material from which any number of things can be developed - and the brief can be tackled confidently with this stuff ready-to-go!

  • Be strict with your visual language: Being open and free in the early stages of a collage project is an effective strategy, but when working this way, good outcomes are dependent on the material from which the images will be created. Try to make sure any visuals used work together coherently - and often restricting what the children are able to use will lead to some of the most inventive and powerful work. Discipline in this area means preventing people from the urge to take shortcuts when their ideas start flowing, often by using additional media. This more often than not diminishes the quality of the end result and avoids the kind of challenges that can lead to fun and interesting solutions!

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