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Top tip for the classroom - create your own paints

Submitted by Education on Thu, 03/03/2016 - 17:16

Expand your colour pallet using organic ingredients with this great classroom tip from artist educator Ceri Davies:

"Bring fun into your paintings and increase the range of your pallet by making your own ink and paints from natural ingredients like beetroot, berries, spinach, turmeric and soot (you can use ground up charcoal sticks if you can’t get hold of soot!).

You can mix the ingredients with small amounts of vinegar, salt, honey, egg yolk, flour and gum arabic to create different effects, such as shiny/matt or thick/thin. Use everyday kitchen equipment to extract and mix the colours, such as a pestle and mortar, juicer, grater and squeezer!

Have a stack of small pieces of watercolour paper and a range of implements (brushes, sticks, feathers etc) ready to experiment with different marks and colour mixing. I love the beautiful and evocative results that you get, and I like to use these natural paints side by side with regular paint in a painting to create contrast and intrigue."