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Top Tip - P4C: Build collaboration by bringing together the making and the talking

Submitted by Education on Thu, 26/10/2017 - 12:16

From Education Project Manager Aidan Adams

Philosophy for Children or P4C is a practice that encourages children and young people to work together in philosophical enquiry. It offers a way to engage all learners with concepts or big ideas through thinking together, sharing thoughts and questioning in a respectful manner.  

P4C starter activities can be used to warm up brains and fine motor skills, ready for creativity in the lesson. 

Back-to-back drawing

  1. Split your group into partners, and sit them on the floor with their backs to one another.
  2. Give one child a clipboard, with an A4 piece of paper, and a pen or pencil.
  3. Give the other child an image (or put one up on the Smartboard), and ask them to describe it back to their partner.
  4. Whilst listening, their partner should create a drawing based on the description.
  5. When finished, the designated drawer should describe it back to them.
  6. Change the image, and ask the partners to swap roles.
  7. Invite the children to reflect on how it felt to be the person or the one giving instructions.
  8. Repeat week-to-week – use the activity to build on one particular skill – tell the group ‘today we’re going to be caring listeners’.