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Transforming school environments

Submitted by Education on Wed, 17/05/2017 - 10:09

We’re proud to share a series of photos from some brand new education projects completed over the last few months. Each artwork is the result of a collaboration between one of our education artists and children from local Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools. Take a look at the selection below, and try and choose a favourite…

Reading Spaces at Shoreditch Park Primary School, with make:good
Bespoke book corners to make intimate reading spaces, celebrating each class’s chosen author.

Chandeliers at Lansbury Lawrence Primary School with designer Haidée Drew
A beautiful and delicate chandelier created from the children’s casts of their school. Read what Kerri Sellens, Art & Design Leader at Lansbury Lawrence Primary has written about the project here.

On the Fence at St Luke’s Primary, with artist Carl Stevenson
Quirky collaged fonts created from photography gathered on local research walks.

Entrance Gates at Park Primary School, with artist Heather Burrell
A bold and contemporary school gate based on children’s drawings of their school and local park.

Flip Reverse at George Green’s School, with artist Jaimini Patel
Vibrant abstract panels inspired by maps, architecture and the topography of the Isle of Dogs.

Foyer Installation Commission at Ronald Openshaw Nursery with artist Sara Heywood
Unique installation and car track containing a range of objects and images reflecting the nursery’s history, play ethos and status as a forest school.

If you are interested in having a permanent artwork in your school, please contact

Photography by Rob Harris.