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Turning over a green leaf: new members of the Green Team

Submitted by Education on Mon, 16/02/2015 - 16:57

Peter and I, new members of the studio team, recently attended our first Bow Arts Green Team meeting. There are lots on the cards!

We discovered that we can get bike parking for our upcoming new artist studios through the TfL Cycling Workplace Scheme, which also funds the bike mechanics workshops at Bow Road.

We also went away with homework: how can the Studios Team support the Green agenda more actively? What could we build to plant an edible garden in in our courtyard outside? What would we plant and how can we do this for as little money as possible?

Our first thought is we could probably recycle some materials from the our SE1 studio site, which is due to close soon, to build the beds… More ideas soon!

Rebecca Sainsot-Reynolds, Studios Assistant