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Submitted by Studios on Tue, 11/10/2016 - 14:14

Unravelling, a collaborative exhibition which showcases the diversity of what is possible using only yarn and the simple tools of needles or hooks.

Yarn is an unconventional medium in art and can provoke a range of conflicting responses. Its softness brings to mind the comfort of the things we wear closest to our skin, whereas its impermanence can remind us of our mortality. Using knitting and crochet, with their gendered associations with the domestic and the private, adds further meanings to its presence in a gallery.

Everybody’s ‘doing it’- in the living room, on their bed, in the garden, on the bus; we’ve come out of the closet. Now you can spot knitters clicking away in pubs, crocheters crafting their yarn on the tube. Knitting and crochet have become a means of self-expression; they are like brushes for the painter, pen and paper for the author and clay for the sculptor. From the functional to the abstract, from socks to sculptures, it truly is the art of creating something from nothing.

Knitting and crochet break down barriers, bringing together people from different backgrounds, countries and ages. Knitting groups are set up every week in pubs, cafes and shops. A silent revolution has started against mass production, the cheap and cheerful, the unsustainable and the disposable.

Supported by Bow Arts Trust, and coinciding with The Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace, Wool Week and the British premier of Yarn: The movie, Unravelling will explore how yarn can be transformed using these two highly versatile processes, blurring the boundaries between craft and art.

Unravelling: an exhibition of knitting and crochet art.

IceHouse Court Studios
Abbey Road
IG11 7BT

6th -16th October 2016

Thursday to Sunday 12:00 to 18:00

The artists are:

Lou Baker

Billy Black @billyblacklondoncrafts 

Karen Haskett CrochetKaren 

Gosia Dzik-Holden

Harriott Knuckles

Karen Jocelyn Mayor

Alessandra Rigillo

Jess Rippengale

Christina Rogers

Kerry-Fleur Schleifer

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