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Artist Spotlight / 23rd May 2018

OOMK (One of My Kind) is an independent publishing collective that work across the spectrum of print, creating a biannual zine and running multiple far reaching projects: from the co-curation of Read more

Artist Spotlight, Opportunities, Studios, Live Work Availability, News, About / 16th May 2018

One of our first artists to move in spoke to us about his experience there. Read more

Education / 10th May 2018

120 pupils were invited to Spotlight to celebrate the creative achievements of the fourth year of the Poplar Consortium. Read more

Education / 20th April 2018

Walking up to the entrance of Lansbury Lawrence Primary School, you are immediately struck by the double-height glass windows framing a modern open staircase. Read more

News, Sustainability / 8th March 2018

A lot of the green pledges made by Bow Arts staff this week are about living more sustainably – and a big part of that is how we eat. Read more