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Visions in the Nunnery

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28 September – 16 December 2018

Visions in the Nunnery is back for its 11th edition this September. The Nunnery’s biennial showcase of moving image and performance focuses on presenting emerging artists alongside established figures. With lead artists Tina Keane, Melanie Manchot and Bedwyr Williams, three programmes will present an international overview of some of the most exciting and boundary-pushing digital art being made today. Showing over 60 international artists selected from over 1,000 submissions, a lively event programme of performance and special screenings runs alongside the exhibition.

Programme 1 Tina Keane 28 Sep – 28 Oct 

Programme 1 is led by revered multi-media artist Tina Keane, whose work and teaching has had a profound influence on the development of digital art. Alongside three of Keane’s own works – Deviant Beauty (1996) and Couch (2003, neon and film) – the programme’s works will explore the body, feminism, obsession and the search for identity, probing themes for which Keane’s pioneering films laid the groundwork.



Programme 2 Melanie Manchot 30 Oct – 25 Nov

Programme 2 premieres a new work from lead artist Melanie Manchot, Out of Bounds (C) (2018), which continues Manchot’s ongoing exploration of the socio-economic and ecological microclimate of a Swiss mountain and its alpine community. The themes of Manchot’s research-driven practice – identity, human relationships, landscape and the environment – echo through the programme, with works that also reflect her photography-led methods of presentation, including light / dark, choreography and drawing.



Programme 3 Bedwyr Williams 27 Nov – 16 Dec 

Programme 3 is headed by Welsh artist Bedwyr Williams, who is presenting both performance and film as part of Visions’ closing programme. Williams’ work is often fantastical, surreal and humorous – telling the idiosyncratic and everyday narratives of people’s lives. These are themes that run throughout the work of programme 3, featuring moving image and installation. Williams’ own Hypercaust (2017) – commissioned by Storyhouse Gallery, Chester – imagines an empty and moonlit Roman Fortress Bathhouse using CGI while recalling the hearsay of modern-day lives, taking the viewer to an occupied space out of time.




Programme 1 | Tina Keane Launch, Thurs 27 September, 6-9pm

Frieze Art Fair First Thursday Performance Evening, Thursday 4 Oct, 6-9pm, £6/4
A night of cutting-edge performance exploring themes of sexuality and gender. Featuring recent graduates Alexandra Davenport and Rosie Gibbens, together with Laura Greenway, Marcus Orlandi, Liene Steinberga Cesar and Emily Whitebread.

Frieze Art Fair East End Night, Friday 5 Oct, 6-8pm 
Late VIP reception, screening Tina Keane’s Faded Wallpaper (1988) in partnership with England & Co Gallery.

Wind, Rewind: Women Behind the Lens, Wednesday 24 Oct, 7pm, Queen Mary University of London, £6/4 
Beginning with a screening of Tina Keane’s early experimental work, a panel discussion in partnership with Queen Mary University of London, exploring women artists’ role in the development of film art.

Programme 2 | Melanie Manchot Launch, Thursday 1 November, 6-9pm
Featuring live performance Home is Now (2017) by Hayley Harrison.

Saturday Special Screening, Saturday 3 Nov, 3pm
Miloushka Bokma CYCLES (2015); Charlotte Ginsborg 22:22 (2017)

Saturday Special Screening, Saturday 10 Nov, 3pm
Dana Berman Duff Catalogue Vol.6 (2016); Tessa Garland Here East (2017); Kym McDaniel Exit Strategy #1 (2017); Janelle VanderKelen Clara (2016)

Saturday Special Screening, Saturday 24 Nov, 3pm
Rachel Davies & Daniel Saul Winter (2018)

Programme 3 | Bedwyr Williams Launch, Thursday 29 Nov, 6-9pm
A night of performance to make us laugh, join in and explore our own sense of being and identity. Featuring Ann-Marie LeQuesne, Kwonjinn, Jakob Rowlinson and Bedwyr Williams himself, performing Après-MIDI (2018).

First Thursday Late, Thursday 6 Dec, 6-8pm
Inaugural screening of Visions artist in residence Melanie King’s new film about space, followed by an In Conversation with King about the making of the work.

Saturday Special Screening, Saturday 8 Dec, 3pm
Ellie Kyungran Heo The Planet (2016); Prapat Jiwarangsan Destination Nowhere (2018); Mauricio Sanhueza The House (2018).

For further information please contact or +44 (0)20 8980 7774.
Image: fair brane – Centered, Film, 2017