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Visit to City Wood Services in Bromley

Submitted by Studios on Tue, 17/03/2015 - 14:00

Studios team visited Citywood Services today to talk to them about the trial for our upcoming wood recycling shelter at Bow Road.

The idea is to provide a sheltered open spot for wood and re-usable items to be placed thereby stopping them going straight to the dump. If our expectations are correct this will be a self governing system and people will take from it as often as others add to it and it will be something we can do at no extra cost. In practice this should mean less cost immediately as it is usually wood that blocks up our bin system and leads to more pick-ups and clear outs in the disposal sytem.

The team at Citywood were busy with their days work but said they were happy to advise us with recycling any excess in this process. It was amazing to see their vibrant workshop space and all the variety of projects they have on the go.

They not only recycle but do lots of art and community projects. We have a few more questions to ask them about upcoming projects in this respect and look forward to working with them soon!

Rebecca Sainsot-Reynolds, Studios Assistant