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Visit to Netley Primary School

Submitted by Nunnery Gallery on Tue, 26/05/2015 - 12:23

Last Tuesday, I went on my first education visit during my time here as a Bow Arts intern!

We spent some time with 9-10 year old school children at Netley Primary School, helping them understand art as a business. The kids planned out the entire day which was their Career Day. They choose various speakers: musicians, dancers, artists, and us!

Rosamond Murdoch, our gallery director, and I spent part of our day with two Year 5 classes. We gave talks about what we do in the Nunnery Gallery, involving curating, budget management and the imagination that is required when art is a business.

The kids were open and inspired! They asked tons of questions and many of them expressed their passion for art.

In addition to the talk, the kids curated an exhibition! Five groups were each given postcards of various art pieces and landmarks around the world. They were asked to form a theme and determine how their works would hang on gallery walls. The groups presented their exhibitions and these were impressive! We were often amazed at the theme they came up with.

We really enjoyed coming in and talking to the students at Netley and hope to be involved with them in the future!

- Michelle Roberts, Open Studios Assistant Intern