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With a little help from our friends

Submitted by Education on Wed, 14/11/2012 - 00:00

The Bow Arts Energy Awareness Campaign continues and at our staff meeting this morning, we had an inspirational visit from Terry O’ Dwyer from Circus Space telling us all about the work that they’ve done in making the organisation more sustainable.

As we’ve established, a focus on sustainability is a relatively new area for us; sometimes you just need a bit of encouragement if you’re feeling a bit unsure of the way forwards, and so far we’ve been getting information and advice from some of our friends. This has proven really important in making progress and feeling confident about what we’re doing.  

Indeed, a recurrent theme throughout Terry’s presentation was about how important networks and partnerships are in this area of work; because industry standards and practices are evolving all the time, sharing resources, research and ideas is really key in pushing this work forwards.  

Circus Space have been fantastic (and very generous) in allowing us access to their work and telling us about how they overcame initial challenges, and this has informed how Bow Arts has taken on the sustainability agenda. Circus Space have done great things over the last couple of years;commendations, certifications and, most crucially, carbon, water and waste reductions. Hearing about someone else’s achievements has helped us feel brave enough to take those crucial steps forwards. The Bow Arts team were really inspired to learn about Circus Space’s initiatives this morning, and cogs were definitely whirring about how we could apply some of those to our own organisation.

As well as Circus Space, Julie’s Bicycle have been a great support. They advised us on our Environmental Policy and Action Plan way back when we started this process, and more recently completed a Carbon Snapshot Audit for us over the summer. We also attended their comprehensive training on Industry Green Tools earlier this year, which all Arts Council National Portfolio Organisations will be required to use. Generally, they’ve got great resources on their website and a helpful and approachable team.

So thanks to our friends who have supported us so far, and we’re always open to hearing about how others are tackling the green agenda. They say that one good turn deserves another and we really hope we can be of assistance to others as we become a more sustainable organisation.

Terry comes to Bow to inspire the team