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Wool done everyone

Submitted by Education on Fri, 09/11/2012 - 00:00

Yesterday we staged our very first woolly jumper competition at Bow Arts where we challenged ourselves to keep the heating turned down for the day, and stayed cosy by donning our finest woolly creations instead. There’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition to motivate, so we took pictures of everyone and posted these online for all to vote for.

These efforts were in a bid to raise awareness amongst the team about the amount of energy we use for heating and whether rather than turn up, we can wrap up a bit more instead. In fact, both offices had the heating off all day which was a fantastic achievement.

A selection of entrants are posted below. I’m sure you’ll agree there are some real woolly gems and it was certainly a close-knit competition. The winner will be announced and duly awarded their prize at the end of our campaign in December.