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Work Experience at Bow Arts

Submitted by Education on Mon, 08/05/2017 - 15:34

Over the last two weeks, Bow Arts were joined by Year 10 student Sabbir Ahmed from Bow School who chose to carry out his work experience with us. Below, Sabbir explains what he got up to and what he thought about the placement:

Monday 24th April
First day of work experience at Bow Arts and I arrived just in time for the office introduction and tour of the office. I was introduced to all the staff and was told each of their roles (had to remember quite a few names). I then received a schedule of what I would be doing over two weeks and I got straight down to work starting with editing photo folders, one of my favourite things which I have done in the office (found lots of ridiculously funny photos of me and my friends when we were in year 8 from one of their old projects which made me laugh). After lunch I had the opportunity to see the marketing and social media side of Bow Arts and had a look at their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook account with Georgina who provides marketing support, including social media (found out they have 88.2K followers on Twitter which was fascinating). Then I had to update the client map which shows all the schools which Bow Arts have worked with.

Tuesday 25th April
Instead of heading to the office, I went to meet Aidan (one of the Education Project Managers) at Phoenix School to help out with a project. I helped out by sorting and handing out equipment for the students. After lunch I did some financial jobs with TK. TK provides financial support across the organisation. I was introduced to a software called Sage and learned how to input paid and unpaid invoices into the system.

Wednesday 16th April
Well this day was a bit more…interesting. Around 11am I left the office to meet Rob at the Rum Factory Studio to help an artist named Stephen Guy move to the new R.A.W Studio. Rob is the Head of Education and Learning at Bow Arts. When I arrived I had a quick tour of the Rum Factory Studio (it was basically a maze of artworks) and met Stephen Guy. We moved everything outside then I went to the new R.A.W studio and waited for Rob and Stephen to arrive with the transit before unloading everything there. 

Tuesday 2nd May
I arrived at the office and finished off a few tasks which were left from Friday. After I finished I was told to meet Aidan to see a project at Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park. My job there was to take pictures of the project which was with the Year 1 class from Clara Grant Primary School. The students made observational drawings of nature in the park such as plants, leaves, and flowers.

Wednesday 3rd May
After lunch I was able to go to the architecture studio next door Bow Arts (coincidently I want to be an architect in the future). I got to speak with one of the architects and got to ask questions about for example requirements to be an architect (somehow I picked the exact subjects I need to become an architect). I found it very interesting, informative and now I have a better understanding of the career.

Friday 5th May
The last day was good, I repainted a plinth, my teacher visited me and then I finished writing this blog post which I had been working on throughout the week. I really enjoyed it here and learnt how different work is compared to school. This experience will really help me in the future.

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