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Year 10 Student Riverside School Student Work Experience

Submitted by Media on Thu, 19/03/2020 - 12:30

As part of Bow Arts’ Education programme, we offer a limited number of work experience placements to students with interests in visual arts at one of our partner schools. Over the past seven days, we recently hosted a student from Riverside Secondary School in Barking who has written about her experience, which unfortunately was cut short due to staff having to work remotely from home.

Although my journey at Bow Arts has been cut short because everyone is now going to work from home, I have done so much in my seven out of ten days here.

Day 1 we went straight out into a primary school and helped with a workshop and I took some pictures which were great. 

Day 2 I helped Yasmin Falahat, a ceramicist based at Bow Road studios. I learnt so much about how she promotes her brand and how being an artist can mean working for yourself and working all by yourself and it was very nice to help her glaze her pomegranate and fig ceramics. 

Day 3 was a nice day because I helped Dale Lewis paint in his P1 studio. We assisted him and it was very relaxing and great to hear all the things he used to do to become where he is now. He explained his past jobs and experiences which made me more thoughtful of who I want to work with in the future. I also got an amazing tour of P1 studios from Olivia Barratt, who is an Artist Liaison at Bow Arts. Olivia was bubbly and really funny and I learnt a lot about the different arts people do. I also got a tour of Bow studios from Adonis Fuyana, another Artist Liaison at Bow Arts. The tour was interesting and I didn’t know there were so many studios which amazed me. 

On the 4th day, I was with Saphia Venner (Arts & Events Co-ordinator) and Tamyra Denoon (Gallery Assistant) in the Nunnery Gallery and they were really helpful, telling me some career choices and places/courses I can do in university since I want to go, and it’s always nice to talk about those things as it can be a bit confusing for me. They both really helped me in my thinking and understanding in universities and careers. 

Day 5 I was in Stratford studios with Oliva again and Day 6 I was with Georgina Walters, the Marketing Officer at Bow Arts, doing some marketing task with her.

So overall I believe that I’ve done a bit of everything in my experience here. Although I didn’t get to finish my full two weeks here at Bow Arts, I’ve learnt so much here about working in both the office and in the arts and it was great to have both sides of that in my experience. I found out that I most likely do not really want to do an office job solely, and I want to be on the move a lot but Bow Arts has given me a great experience of job life. 

I am very grateful to Polly Thorburn (Education Administrator) as she looked after me for the whole time I was here and thank you to the education team as well and everyone else at the office for making me feel so welcome!