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First Thursday Late Opening with Liminal Mass

Thursday, February 1, 2018
Opening Hours: 
The Nunnery, 181 Bow Road, London E3 2SJ

An afterhours chance to see Art for the Environment, the first exhibition of works from Lucy Orta’s acclaimed residency programme, in which six artists explore human impact on the environment. Especially for First Thursday Liminal Mass will be providing live performances throughout the evening, examining our bodies relationship to its surrounding environment, incorporating movement, sound, process and film. The performances will flow between one another exploring space and boundaries; from chanting with bodies merged through cloth to explorations of time and live mono printing.

Six multi-discipline female artists, Alys Hughes, Bettina Fung, Ingrid Pumayalla, Karen Le Roy Harris, Lola de la Mata and Miriam Sedacca come together in four performances: Skein, Icaros para sanar, I am tired with you and Water’s Breath.

Skein (Collaboration - Alys Hughes, Karen Le Roy Harris, Miriam Sedacca and Lola de la Mata)

An experimental performance uniting sound and movement, skin and cloth. Skein explores the boundaries of subjectivity through both the individual and collective experience of the body and the dynamic and physical experiences of these relationships, questioning the idea of skin as a boundary which separates us from the world and from others. Supported by the ArtHouse Jersey.

I am tired with you (Bettina Fung)

A large scale and potentially collective mono printing act that questions our competitive, goal oriented and achievement obsessed tendencies and contemplates the value of non-doing. Bettina will spend time and “do nothing” on a large blank sheet of paper with a layer of ink underneath. All are welcome to join her on the paper.

Icaros para sanar (Ingrid Pumayalla)

Chanting Icaros melodies that are learned and sung by Shamans during rituals to performed healing in Perú. During her performance Ingrid will project a video and install objects around her.

Water’s Breath (Miriam Sedacca)

Created during a residency in the Peruvian Amazon, this performance considers fluidity as both a medium and mode of being in which bodies are permeable and shared spaces.


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