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First Thursday Ori Gersht Programme Launch Event

Thursday, November 3, 2016
Opening Hours: 
The Nunnery, 181 Bow Road, London E3 2SJ

Launching Visions in the Nunnery’s Ori Gersht programme, showcasing ten years of Gersht’s works Big Bang (2006), Falling Bird (2008), Liquid Assets (2012) and Salted Drop (2016) and featuring live performances from Olga Koroleva, Malin Stahl, Clio Van Aerde.

The Ori Gersht Programme presents moving image works that focus on setting in motion processes that disrupt in unexpected ways and play with the possibilities of visual transformations, including artists Cinzia Cremona, Tessa Garland, Ori Gersht, Amir Ghazi-Noory, Jeremy Laffon, Robert Olawuyi, Thomas Marcusson, Guli Silberstein, Artem Tarkhanov, Myrte van der Molen.

Clio Van Aerde, Syndrome de la Décélération 2016, 2 h 30 min

In this site-specific solo-performance the scenographer and performer Clio Van Aerde explores the anatomy of a room by walking backwards repeatedly, without a firm point in time, through a previously defined, space oriented pathway. She moves for the benefit of the space; with her body she underlines its architectural structure. Without the concept of time and lost within the repetition, she becomes infatuated with the space.

It takes time, patience and a certain amount of sensitivity for a space to find the enjoyment in observing the repetitive motion of the performer. With her movement, she leads the observer to contemplation, offering it as a contrast to everyday overstimulation.


Malin Stahl, Walking Cinema

Walking Cinema is a mobile cinema that approaches its viewer rather than the viewer disappearing into the dark insides of the cinema. It opens and closes its curtains, inviting and rejecting the viewer. A double effect of gaze comes into play when the the screens are placed in front of the eyes of the body/structure. The filmic gaze provided by the screens breaks the viewers gaze onto the object/structure.

Curated by Cinzia Cremona and Tessa Garland, Visions 2016 showcases over 100 international artists’ work through an innovative six-part programme, including artists Marina Abramović, Ori Gersht, Susan Hiller, Mikhail Karikis, Richard Layzell and Uriel Orlow. 12 events punctuate the programme, featuring live performances in the gallery, Carmelite Café and Bow Arts’ unique Victorian enclosed courtyard. View the full programme here

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Still from Falling Bird, Ori Gersht, courtesy the artist.