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First Thursday Performance Evening

Thursday, July 7, 2016
Opening Hours: 
Thursday 7 July 6-9pm
The Courtyard, Bow Arts 183 Bow Road, London E3 2SJ

"Beauty parlours, fish and chips, radio silence in the doomed days of forever lasting paths of no return."
Ghost Town Crier

Bow Arts will celebrate July's First Thursday with a provoking evening of intrigue and performance. Unfolding in the Bow Arts courtyard, surrounded by old Victorian warehouses, Crystal Mette and the Frictions will present 'Ghost Town Crier" – a small town's narration supported by performers in Mette's infamous costumes.

Cradeaux Alexander's 'The Golden Facelift' – tales of murder, haunted houses and familial exploits – will be gradually revealed throughout the evening, told by over-heard voices.

Ellie Nicholls' performance 'Miss' will be projected on the wall, which examines intimate space, blurring the lines between the interior and exterior. Nicholls makes up beds in public places (such as department stores) with her own printed duvet cover of personal images and then gets into bed.

Art researcher Johanna Bolton, interested in ideas around the Kantian sublime and the awe-inspiring complexity of even the most mundane subjects, will also be asking for visitors' help in her ultimately futile quest to build up an archive of all possible positions that a hand can hold an elastic band. The resulting library of images will be the basis for an exhibition at a later date.

Gin cocktails will also be on offer from the East London Liquor Company, spiked with mint from the Bow Arts garden.
Tickets (only £3) on sale here

The performance evening accompanies the 2016 Bow Open Show, curated by Anj Smith, which runs through August.

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