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The Invention of Solitude

Thursday, September 21, 2006 to Sunday, October 22, 2006
Opening Hours: 
12-6pm Thursday to Sunday
The Nunnery, 181 Bow Road, London E3 2SJ

The Invention of Solitude is a new exhibition curated by Charles Danby and features the work of four young emerging artists; Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Rebecca Birch, Rob Smith, Alex Hudson.

The exhibition advocates a collaborative system of curation, showing mediated versions of each artist’s work alongside the original pieces. On entering the exhibition the viewer will be confronted by four park benches each one facing outwards towards the walls of the gallery. In front of each bench a single slide will be projected that corresponds to the work of a single artist.

Each bench will have a plaque with the name of an artist and a text engraving of their choice. The viewer will activate the projection when they sit on the bench, presenting them with an intimate preview of the artist’s work. Starting from this room the viewer will then move through the remainder of the exhibition. The flat mediated slide projections will unfold into physical works, objects, of different scale and material make-up. The viewer will also return through the first room with the benches and projections in order to leave, at this point having experienced the work, the projections will act as a point of review.

In an age of mass media, images in books and magazines often become the most readily available means through which works of art are encountered. The Invention of Solitude aims to examine the way in which artworks are perceived as physical objects and the relationship that they have to the reproductions that are made of them. The exhibition draws on this debate, raising issues of scale and material, and questioning the work as a physical object.

Each artist engages with the contemporary landscape in their practice, exploring its fictional, social and political qualities. The artists challenge sculpturally the boundaries of their media, whether through video, sculpture or painting, each will occupy a very physical space in the gallery.

The title of the exhibition, The Invention of Solitude hints at the conflict of individual and collective practice that the exhibition seeks to explore. The work of the artist as an individual producer of work is juxtaposed with the social interaction, group, and collective nature of collaborative practice. It is from this dual platform that The Invention of Solitude will operate.

Rob Smith Rebecca Birch Alex Hudson Matthew Lutz-Kinoy