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Sarah Carne residency

Wednesday, July 25, 2012 to Thursday, August 16, 2012
Opening Hours: 
Tues - Sun, from 9am-5pm
The Nunnery, 181 Bow Road, London E3 2SJ
Sarah Carne - artist in residence alongside the Madge Gill retrospective at the Nunnery Gallery - is currently in Australia setting up the next in her Line Drawing series of exhibitions that sit within the framework of her larger multimedia... project I Love my Yugo.

Carne has already shown Line Drawings of her Yugo in Ireland, Russia & China and with each exhibition a pin is placed in the Map of the World. The ultimate intention is that if a virtual line were drawn between each pin point "I Love My Yugo" would be spelled out across the world making connections between galleries and audiences and elevating the Yugo's status through both scale and association.

Sarah will return in August and present the Nunnery with their official Yugo Pin to formally mark the end of her installation and residency at the Nunnery Gallery.

You can still see the show at the Nunnery Gallery until Thursday 16th August 2012. Tuesday - Sunday 9am-5pm.

Sarah Carne