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Special Performance Event

Friday, October 21, 2016
The Nunnery, 181 Bow Road, London E3 2SJ

Visions in the Nunnery takes us on a wild and intriguing journey through international performance, featuring five live enactments across the Nunnery Gallery, Bow Arts’ Victorian courtyard and the Carmelite Café. Opening on Friday night with an evening of five live performances, including recent graduates Mafalda Miranda Jacinto & Anthi Kougia, who will perform their acclaimed Asparagus – a dinner party that is as much about the food as the activity under the table. The evening will also feature a re-enactment of the emblematic video work Döppelganger from Prof Elaine Shemilt, part of a series started in 1974 that was originally shown as part of the Video Show at the Serpentine Gallery in May 1975. In Döppelganger, Shemilt created a phantasmal double of herself exploring key feminist themes such as indentity, sexuality, duality, women's role in society and the status of professional women artists.

Works from the Unnoticed Art Festival will also feature throughout; created by Frans van Lent in Rotterdam, the festival showcases performances that hide themselves in everyday life. Work is explored that blends in with acceptable social and public behaviour, often because of the language used, and therefore sometimes goes unnoticed by passers-by.

A special programme of performance-inspired screenings will run throughout the weekend, featuring artists from LIMA, as well an exclusive presentation of Marina Abramović’s THE SCREAM on Sunday 23 October.

Screened artists over the performance weekend will include Liam Geary Baulch & Jeremy Laffon, G. Roland Biermann, Anne Brodie, Lidija Kononenko, Irina Danilova & Hiram Levy, Robert Luzar, Antonis Sideras, Nick Turvey & Joanna Hogg and special screenings from LIMA artists Douwe Dijkstra, Johan Rijpma, Nina Yuen.

Curated by Cinzia Cremona and Tessa Garland, Visions 2016 showcases over 100 international artists’ work through an innovative six-part programme, including artists Marina Abramović, Ori Gersht, Susan Hiller, Mikhail Karikis, Richard Layzell and Uriel Orlow. 12 events punctuate the programme, featuring live performances in the gallery, Carmelite Café and Bow Arts’ unique Victorian enclosed courtyard. View the full programme here.


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Still from White Cube, White Wall, G. Roland Biermann, courtesy the artist.