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Visions in the Nunnery Launch | P2 Nye Thompson

Thursday, October 22, 2020
Opening Hours: 
The Nunnery, 181 Bow Road, London E3 2SJ

Join us to celebrate Visions in the Nunnery Programme 2 at a special space-themed event with Martian cocktails and outdoor performances.  

Nye Thompson’s Programme 2 explores our world through the many new digital systems that have fundamentally changed how we see and exist. Data is harvested, other worlds are imagined and the cataclysmic effect of technology is explored. Thompson will premiere her new work /artefact which virtually builds a colossal dividing wall on the un-walked territories of Mars, alongside 24 other artists’ work.  

In a space themed evening, we’ll be launching with two outdoor performances.  Take part in Top of the Bots, a socially distanced karaoke with Libby Heaney, letting you sing along and digitally become your favourite famous musicians via cutting-edge AI technology.  

Robert Luzar, supported by Timo Kube, will present Tracing Someone Else’s Skin, a bodily working-through of ‘marks’ that press and expose identities, differences, skin, gender, race, colour and belonging. Marks are graffitied onto the artist’s skin, then pressed into floor mats, papers, cardboard, and other surfaces. The body becomes a form that traces the struggles between self and other. The marks in the work are from the bodies of persons found randomly on the Web, persons that have no direct relationship to the artist or audience.  They range from, though are not exclusive to, birth marks, scars, marathon numbers, skin cancer, self-harm, surgery markings, gay/straight/LGBTQ tattoos, left and right political tattoos and so on. The marks are not meant to focus on any particular person, gender, or subject. 

Please note to attend you must sign up on eventbrite (for free) and read our covid access guidelines. Performances will take place in the outdoor courtyard throughout the evening. Drinks will be available via table service in the Nunnery Café. Entrance into the gallery for the exhibition will be number-controlled throughout the evening. 

This event is currently in line with government COVID secure guidelines and London's local Tier 2 (High) rating.

  • If you plan to attend the outdoor performance, attendees should observe the rule of 6 at all times, socialising only with those you arrived with, who should be no more than two households and no more than a group of six people.
  • If you plan to visit the gallery exhibition space (inside) you should distance at all times from anyone not in your household or support bubble.   
  • We will be operating an outdoor bar in the courtyard, with table service for groups of no more than 6. The cafe space will be open for indoor drinks, which will served via table service to groups only of the same household.

We are monitoring new advice all the time; all attendees will be notified of any changes / last minute cancellation should it be required.

Programme 2 presents work by Judith Alder, John Barlow, Laurel Beckman, Max Colson, Susan Eyre, Dave Farnham, Aurèle Ferrier, Federica Foglia, Tessa Garland, Libby Heaney, Stefan Hurtig, Jo Lawrence, Robert Luzar and Martina Schmücker, Shanna Maurizi, Bijan Moosavi, Finn Rabbitt Dove, George Finlay Ramsay, Elke Reinhuber, Hiroya Sakurai, Dagmar Schürrer, Mattia Spagnuolo, Charlie Tweed. More on Programme 2. 

Nye Thompson