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Visions in the Nunnery | P3 Bedwyr Williams Launch

Thursday, November 29, 2018
The Nunnery, 181 Bow Road, London E3 2SJ
6pm - 9pm

Visions in the Nunnery – the Nunnery Gallery’s renowned showcase of recent moving image and performance – is back. Three programmes will present an international overview of some of the most exciting and boundary-pushing digital art, showing over 60 international artists selected from over 1,000 submissions.

Visions In The Nunnery Programme 3 launches with a night of performance, exploring the humour of human nature with opportunities to participate, and closing with a performance by lead artist Bedwyr Williams himself.

Williams’ work is often fantastical, surreal and humorous – telling the idiosyncratic and everyday narratives of people’s lives. These are themes that run throughout the work of programme 3, which features moving image and installation from 19 other artists alongside Williams’ own work Hypercaust (2017), which imagines an empty and moonlit Roman Fortress Bathhouse using CGI while recalling the hearsay of modern-day lives, taking the viewer to a space out of time.

Four performances will take place throughout the evening, starting from 7pm:

Kwonjinn – Silent Poems
Ann-Marie LeQuesne – *The Answers Chorus
Jakob Rowlinson – Facial Poetics (Choir)
Bedwyr Williams – Après-MIDI

Exhibiting artists: Ankita Anand; Cody; Sandra Crisp; Davies, Monaghan and Klein; Rhona Foster; Roxman Gatt; Kwonjinn; Kounosuke Kawakami; Piotr Krzymowski; Matthew Lancit; John Lawrence; Ann-Marie LeQuesne; Laura O'Neill; Myles Painter; Rachel Povey; Ralph Pritchard; Phillip Reeves; Jack West; Bedwyr Williams.

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Image © Bedwyr Williams