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Aberfeldy Street Studio Artists

These two studios in old shop units 27 and 48 Aberfeldy Street have two very distinct and active artist groups in residence.

Upcoming Events can be found on their respective websites:




About the artists:

27 Aberfeldy Street, The People Speak

'Tools for the world to take over itself!' The People Speak makes it easy for people to talk to each other in fun and creative ways. From street corners to conferences, events, museums and schools, our tools help people get involved in the discussions that matter most to them.

“The People Speak offers an extraordinarily innovative and technologically exciting approach to socially engaged public art that enables ordinary people to feel energised, excited and fully involved in the process.”  Nicky Adamson, The Garage

The People Speak create projects that give people an excuse to enjoy speaking to each other. The formats look familiar at first: a chat show , a game show or even a soccer kick-about, but once people are involved, there’s no limit to where they can take each other. No instruction manual is required, and we like to have as much fun and get just as involved as everyone else.

More information about each of these ‘tools for the world to take over itself’ can be found on their respective websites, and an overview of what The People Speak does, who we work with, and how we do what we do is available in this the people speak brochure.

The People behind the The People Speak are an expanding network of wonderfully skilled individuals, organised into teams for the needs of each project. Check them out.

All our techniques and technologies available for events, festivals, local broadcast or focus groups, training and education events. We work with all kinds of organisations with a remit to listen to people, recently including NESTA, Futerra The Prince’s Trust, Islington, Southwark, Camden, Hackney and Sutton Councils, The Tate and the South London Gallery, to name a few. We are always interested in the challenge of adapting and developing The People Speak projects for new situations.



48 Aberfeldy Street, Evening Class


Evening Class is a self-organising design education experiment in London. A flexible environment where participants can cultivate common interests, develop their research and collectively shape the class’s agenda. Participants reflect on their practices in wider cultural, social and political contexts and work closely with London’s different landscapes. They create their own audience, learn from it and engage with it. The process of the group’s evolution is transparent and publicly observed. Evening Class intends to make the programme’s materials and references accessible to a wider audience. The curation of the classes is expected to take many forms and explore different themes. Speakers and mentors are invited bi-weekly in relation to the current programme.

Flyer from the first open studio event, May 2016

Evening Class is a self-supporting group. The expenses are decided collectively and fluctuate in accordance with the group's needs. At the moment they amount to £35 a month.

Beginning in January 2016, Evening Class takes place twice per week. It is currently located at 48 Aberfeldy Street, Poplar, with occasional meetings in Hoxton, East London, where Europa have kindly given us the use of their space.

The programme currently consists of participants from different educational and cultural backgrounds, who form an active and collaborative partnership.

For regular updates on events and news from Evening Class, please visit their Facebook and Twitter pages.