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Property Owners - Work with us

Bow Arts can help you manage change positively, with sound ethical outcomes

Refurbishment and regeneration projects often stall. Partial and slow decants coupled with delays are extremely costly for both landlords and residents. Bow Arts offers a positive solution to this problem...

  • We professionally manage your property
  • We use professional artists selected through our active citizenship scheme
  • We invest in education and cultural programmes for local people.

Our track record...

  • Over 20 successful years experience of managing all aspects of short medium and long term property.
  • We actively manage our community and we assure you of vacant possession when you need it
  • We are passionate about the positive effects cultural activity can have and we see the positive effects of our education program on young people every day....

Before and After- The Bow Arts effect

Is this a guardianship scheme?

This is much more than that! Our nationally recognised Value Added model maximises outcomes and helps make change positive while promoting cultural activity in our school and communities. And it works!

Housing associations are always looking for ways of making a positive contribution to the neighbourhoods, using Bow Arts is a brilliant way in which to do this. They take vacant properties and transform them into affordable live/work spaces for  their members, who then orchestrate community arts projects. It's a "win win" arrangement for both the community and artists at nil cost to housing associations 

Jon Fitzmaurice Director Self-Help-Housing.Org 

What does this mean?


  • Save - the cost of keeping properties empty – saves you up to £7,000 per year
  • Stop - squatters moving into your property
  • Curb - Anti social behaviours such as vandalism and resident security

Our residents are happy that artists with a genuine commitment to the local community have been able to make a home, albeit for a short time, in properties that were prone to squatting and associated anti-social behavior.

Steve Stride, Chief Executive of Poplar HARCA



  • Maintain - and even improve your property
  • Ensure - you have vacant possession tailored to when you need it – we use Licence’s to Occupy as well as Short hold Tenancies
  • Select - active creative citizens for your scheme
  • Positively impact - on communities through investment in educational services – we work annually in over 40 schools across East London

Thank you - it has been a great term with a lot of wonderful experiences for our children and work that they are rightly proud of

Deputy Head teacher LBTH Primary School



  • Well managed secure property at zero cost to you.
  • Well maintained positive community relationships.
  • Additional activity and educational opportunities for your area
  • A more positive transition process.

I’ve lived in Warren House for over 25 years and only ever knew my next-door neighbours.Since the artists moved in I know nearly the whole building. It’s such a lively and friendly community now.

Poplar HARCA resident, Warren House 2010


  • We already have a long waiting list of carefully selected young professional artists on our scheme.
  • Our artists have a strong sense of community engagement and bring a huge amount of positive energy into the areas in which we work.
  • Our Artists are self starters and bring a lot of practical skills that maintain and even improve property.

It’s really great, I can’t believe I have been given this opportunity, and knowing that part of my rent goes directly to supporting local communities is incredible.

Artist living in Balfron Tower 2010

What is Live Work space?

Live work space supports professional artist at the start of their careers with affordable space that they can use both as studio space and living accommodation.

We do not allow any noisy work, or work using noxious materials to take place within residential properties.

We have established a community support network

London is the leading cultural capital in the world.

The strength of the Culture Pound is now recognised as an active component in supporting regeneration, creating jobs and opportunities, and is helping to improve our environments and encourage investment.

Find out more about how working with Bow Arts can help you manage change positively

Pease contact Michael Cubey, Executive Director and Head of Bow Arts Creative Workpaces. You can email Michael on  or phone him on 020 8980 7774